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The technological innovation of precision stamping die has been greatly improved

Aug. 12, 2020

In recent years, the overall technical level of advanced precision stamping die has been improved rapidly, and its performance indexes such as die technical level, manufacturing accuracy, service life and manufacturing cycle have been significantly improved. A considerable part of the overall level of high-end high-quality die has reached or close to the international level of similar dies. For example, the service life of progressive die for air conditioner fins produced by a domestic company can reach 500 million strokes, and the production scale and technical development are in the leading position in China. The precision of the progressive die with 0.4 mm spacing and high precision for the micro connector is 0.5, and that of the minimum punch is 0.13 mm, which can be grinded directly to the mirror surface, ensuring the high precision requirements of 0.17 mm for the thinnest part of the pin, 0.01 mm for the bending precision and S-bend. The motor core automatic Lamination progressive die has a service life of more than 150 million punches, and its technical level and lamination technology are close to the advanced level of similar foreign dies. The professional production level and capacity of the large-scale progressive die with 0.5m diameter produced on 400 t high-speed punch, the large-scale compound die with 90 ° rotation of 0.88M square iron chip and the large-scale precision die with 1.2m diameter stator and rotor are in the leading position in China.

Specialization has greatly improved the innovation ability of precision stamping die enterprises, and the technical level has developed in the direction of specialization, precision, excellence and strength. Many high-tech precision stamping dies and new technologies have emerged. The step-by-step precision progressive die for air-conditioning fins can meet the rapid switching production of 5 types of fins and has certain flexible production characteristics. The die level is equivalent to the international advanced level. The lead frame is 37 position progressive die, one module and three rows. 48 inside and outside lead legs are punched in 1212 mm, the minimum spacing is 0.12 mm, and the flatness of the product is 0.01 mm. Its high-speed batch production performance and service life are better, and obtained structural innovation patents.

Compared with the international advanced level in terms of service life and main performance, many domestic precision stamping dies have a smaller and smaller gap. The overall level of some precision stamping dies not only completely replaces the import, but also a considerable part of them are exported to the United States, Japan and other industrial developed countries and regions. The overall level of precision dies in China is close to the international advanced level, and quite a part of them are going abroad.

The in-depth analysis of precision stamping die industry in 2016-2021 and the "13th five year plan" development guidance report show that with the continuous emergence of new processes and new products, foreign stamping dies have developed from conventional single pair progressive dies to multi-functional combined dies, production line supporting combined die tooling, super large progressive dies and micro parts stamping forming dies, while Chinese Enterprises Most of them still focus on the serialization and industrialization of conventional single pair progressive dies. They have not mastered the key technologies of special high-precision dies, such as ultra-large high-precision, ultra-high-speed stamping, ultra-thin, ultra-strong and micro parts forming stamping dies. There are not many designs of multi-functional composite dies. Therefore, China needs to continue to carry out research on Key Technologies of new mold, expand its application fields, and lay a good foundation for catching up with and surpassing the international advanced level.

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