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The specific performance of poor sales of small and medium-sized metal stamping enterprises in China

Aug. 12, 2020

At present, many small and medium-sized metal stamping enterprises in our country have a direct impact on the development of enterprises due to the following factors: backward concept, poor team management and implementation, unclear product target market, disordered marketing methods, and poor sales channels. The specific contents are as follows.

(1) marketing concept lags behind. From the perspective of marketing concept itself, "marketing" guides "marketing", "marketing" is the guidance, "marketing" is the result of the organic combination of the two enterprises can be in the market like a fish in water. At present, the marketing concept of small and medium-sized metal stamping enterprises in China mostly stays in the stage of product concept, and does not play the role of "business". In the fierce market competition, Han pays attention to the promotion of products, which may be able to temporarily maintain the sales volume and market share of products, but not the market position of enterprises for a long time. Many small and medium-sized hardware stamping enterprises, especially the daily hardware stamping enterprises, did not understand that product promotion is only temporary marketing. Seeing other product discounts, they blindly follow the trend of sales promotion. The consumers who pay attention to this product immediately feel that this product or even this brand is worthless, which destroys the image of the enterprise, and ultimately affects the sales volume. In the long run, the lag of marketing concept will directly affect the development of small and medium-sized metal stamping enterprises.

(II) the development city of marketing personnel management loose people should have a certain development goal, and the enterprise also has its own development goal. Only when the goal is the same and there is a common vision, can the enterprise team play its best state. What small and medium-sized metal stamping enterprises in China lack is this common vision. Enterprise leaders often only value short-term interests, blindly pursue the high performance of marketing personnel, but do not pay attention to the guiding role of ideas. Marketing personnel only pay attention to their own sales commission and have no sense of collaborative work. There are many feasible marketing strategies for effective communication between leaders and marketers among internal leaders, because the lack of management and communication often becomes an empty slogan. All of these lead to the poor execution of the marketing plan of the enterprise, which leads to the situation that the enterprise is scattered.

(3) the consumers whose products are not marketable are the final recipients of the products of the enterprise. Only when the products of the enterprise win the favor of the consumers, can they have a good performance and a certain market share. As far as the current situation is concerned, many domestic small and medium-sized metal stamping enterprises blindly advertise and engage in activities without even knowing who the target customer group is when they sell products, so it is impossible to take into account the preferences of consumers at all; although some enterprises have products with great advantages in quality, they cannot be accepted by consumers in terms of product structure and performance, which eventually leads to unsalable products. Nowadays, there are a lot of products in the market of metal stamping products, and consumers are more likely to choose products that are truly suitable for themselves through comparative analysis than blindly pursue novelty and whose products are advertised more. Many small and medium-sized metal stamping enterprises can not really understand this point.

(4) the fact that there is no strategic modern marketing in the marketing mode indicates that 70% of the enterprise's marketing performance is attributed to the implementation of the enterprise's strategic marketing decision and planning 30%. However, the small and medium-sized metal stamping enterprises in our country do not realize this clearly, which ignores the importance of strategic marketing to the development of enterprises. Many enterprises think that the so-called marketing is to advertise and promote blindly following competitors in various media to promote other enterprises to have good sales promotion methods regardless of their own situation. However, such a lack of strategy and target marketing can only add more resistance to the development of enterprises.

(5) the old distribution channels are used by many small and medium-sized metal stamping enterprises in China, that is, the distribution mode of enterprise distributor consumer. In this mode, the enterprise is not facing the final customer group, but the big customers. For the early stage of sales, the performance may be good, but once the competitors have new product hot sales, driven by the interests, the big customers will abandon the enterprise's prestige, and with the strength of the big customers themselves, they will establish their own portal and then take part of the consumers of their enterprises. Moreover, such distribution mode information transmission It is a one-way enterprise that continuously instills product information into the final consumers, but the consumers can't feed back their consumption feelings to the enterprise. So it seems that the customers of distribution channels are not vulnerable to the establishment of channels for enterprises. In order to pave the way for the long-term development of enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises in China must attach importance to the establishment of new sales channels.

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