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Dongguan Sinyi Precision Metal Co., Ltd. found in 2000, which is established by a group of elite people with over 20 years of experience in the design and production,Sinyi Precision is one of the leading manufacturer in the fields of mold components, mechanical parts, machine parts, non-standard parts, medical accessories, precision carbide parts and aviation accessories and other fields provide customers with price advantages,products with superior quality and delivery time. In order to keep up with the structural changes of the industry, as well as changes in market trend, Dongguan Sinyi Precision Metal Co., Ltd. has shifted to invest in customized component production of higher domains, such as optoelectronics, biotechnology, hot runner systems and parts for the Industrial Robot.

Our factory was in Guangdong Changan, We have mirror discharge and optical grinder PG and slow-moving wire dust-free workshop, with the great advantages in making parts.

In recent years, we have shifted our investment focus to higher-end direction, such as automation equipment parts production,
medical equipment parts production, optical and electronic and aviation parts production. Every order of our company will be strictly controlled by CPK management.

Dongguan Sinyi Precision Metal Co., Ltd.


We have over 20 years experience in manufacturing mold components and CNC machining.

► Aerospace & Military

► Medical

► Metal-working

► Automotive

► Packaging

► solar energy

► Instruments

► Industrial Robot

Our company and quality is known nationally and

internationally.nationally and internationally.

Dongguan Sinyi Precision Metal Co., Ltd.

Number one solution

Our manufacturing process makes us your number one solution for the most challenging and complex projects. We have the necessary equipment and personnel experience using the ISO standard to ensure we meet or exceed your required tolerances and specifications with fast delivery.

Dongguan Sinyi Precision Metal Co., Ltd.

Our Capabilities

We are capable of producing custom orders to the following specifications:

► Lengths to 12.500" and depending on the pin 18"

► Diameter from .003 to 1.500

► Nano Drilling as small as .007 of a diameter

► Gundrilling waterline holes as

deep as 12" within .002 to .004 concentricity; using a counter rotating gundrilling machine.

Dongguan Sinyi Precision Metal Co., Ltd.

Our Services

SINYI services include: Surface Grinding, Center Less In Feed and Thru Feed Grinding, Honing, Lapping, Engraving, Milling, Internal and External Thread Grinding, Nano Drilling and Deep Gun Drilling. high precision CNC turning,mirror discharge and optical grinder PG and slow-moving wire etc.

C-VALUE (Produce as customer's requirments)

C-VALUE is a cost-competitive product series based on the customers needs for precision, performance and durability. Based on customer requirements, we analyse and then re-standardize the material, surface treatment and tolerance, so we could lower the production cost significantly. This process has given Rijihua an edge when it comes to the price while maintaining excellent quality.

Accuracy Requirement

Dongguan Sinyi Precision Metal Co., Ltd.


Dongguan Sinyi Precision Metal Co., Ltd.

Durability Requirement

Cost Requirements

Material Requirments

Treatment Requirments

Dongguan Sinyi Precision Metal Co., Ltd.

Tolerance Requirments

Dongguan Sinyi Precision Metal Co., Ltd.

More Customize

Our Products Ranging

The majority of product ranges we serve are the precision parts for plastic injection molding, punching and stamping and die casting. We are able to manufacture all kinds of mould components as per DME, HASCO, CUMSA, STRACK, MISUMI, PUNCH, DANLY, DAYTON and other world-famous standards. Apart from the standard parts, we also offer the products manufactured in accordance with drawings. Thus we can ensure the sufficient production capacity and on-time delivery to meet your requirements to the fullest. We stock all the most commonly used materials in order to minimize delivery lead times and maximize our speed of response. Our special order service is complemented by heat treatment and coating options for premium-quality components

Core Pins

Ejector pins

Ejector sleeve

Ejector Blades

Medical pins

Punch pin

Puller pins

Sucker pins

Mold components

Punches and dies

Carbide Die

Cavity & core

Precision Mould Accessories

Medical  Accessories

High precision Carbide parts

Precision Mechanical Parts

Precision  jigs& fixtures

Machinning  Parts

Hundreds of brands                    Hundreds of brands

Relates to hundreds of brands in China, Taiwan Japan and South Korea, broad range of products meets customers different needs.

Free Drawing                    Free Drawing

Provide 3D and CAD files.

High Strict QC                    High Strict QC

With strict QC systems, ensure the perfect goods.

Fast Deliver                    Fast Deliver

Large Inventor, deliver within one day

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  • D1 Building, Guancheng Innovation Industrial Park, Jinghai West Road No.99, Chang'an Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China.